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April 14, 2013

What is "Ojai Hospitality?" (Ojai, CA) #Travel @OjaiResort

(c) Let's Play OC!

Many of you may have seen pictures I've shared from Ojai. We were there Easter weekend celebrating our birthdays this year. Darren especially is turning 40 and his baby sister came all the way out from Louisiana on their Spring Break to celebrate with us. (There was a total of five celebrating birthdays with us this weekend including mine.) We were blown away by all the amenities and "Ojai Hospitality" (let's call it that whenever they go above and beyond with their services). I invite you to count it all up with me.

Where is Ojai?
Ojai is in Ventura County and is east of Santa Barbara. It was my first time there and one of my sisters highly recommended it for our birthday destination.  Our birthday journey started with a two hour road trip from Orange County with some traffic.

As we pull up to Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, we see golf courses, golf carts, lots of people checking in, and staff. Lots of staff waiting to serve us.
Ojai Hospitality (c) Let's Play OC!
Upon entering the Lobby, we are greeted and welcomed with Champagne or lemonade from a smiling and friendly staff member. See picture >> (Ojai Hospitality #1)


I love this part:

My sister-in-law's family were rushing to go Horseback riding. I look over to see an attendant loading their luggage and the entire family on a golf cart and sped off to their room. By the time I got my keys and walked back to our car in the driveway, I see them waving good-bye back in their vehicles. Talk about FAST service. (Ojai Hospitality #2) I also like that upon check-in they gave me a print-out of my reserved services on a "Family Resort Itinerary." This reassures me that my activities have been confirmed and scheduled. (Ojai Hospitality #3)

Running late? No problem. They called to tell the off-site Horseback riding company to wait for my sister-in-law's family.  (Ojai Hospitality #4)
Mini-tour at Ojai Resort (c) Let's Play OC!
We also received the same "Ojai" hospitality. They loaded up a golf cart with our luggage, parked our car, and gave us a mini-tour of their beautiful property before they dropped us off at our door step. (Ojai Hospitality #5) Our Bell Boy escorted us to our room with luggage in hand, got us ice (Ojai Hospitality #6), and repeatedly made sure we didn't need anything else before he left.

Note: even though all the amenities were about at five minute walk from each other, Bell services are on call if you need a pick-up. (Ojai Hospitality #7)

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

This is the view from our room:

(c) Let's Play OC!

We are surrounding by Golf Courses and mountains!
(Now I know why celebrities come up here to golf).

A view from our patio at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

18-hole luxury Golf Course at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!
Driving Range at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!
Golf Course at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

Golf Course at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

Ojai Hospitality #8: "Pixie Tangerines", only grown in Ojai, was part of their welcoming gifts in our room. 
Pixie Tangerines at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

Traveler's Tip: If you have an infant or todder, always ask for a Crib or Pack-N-Play. They usually go fast and are available on a first come first serve basis. This is so cute - ours came with bath toys, baby wash, a baby blanket, and a door sign that reads, "Shhhh.... Baby Sleeping". (Ojai Hospitality #9)
Found in our crib at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

I was hanging out in our large patio tweeting, facebooking, and sharing pictures on instagram to the sound of birds chirping.

Our Private Patio at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!

Here are some short 5 seconds video clips that I shared (be sure to turn the sound on/off):

My Walk to Spa Ojai:

As I'm walking over to the award-winning Spa Ojai, I'm admiring their landscaping. It's so peaceful. 

I treated myself to a spa service for my birthday. Wow, they won Four Stars from Forbes 2013 Travel Guide! (Note: I loved my spa service but I went hiking the next day and was super sore the following night. Next time I know to schedule it after and not before).

We went to dinner and came back with this surprise in our room: (Ojai Hospitality #10). They do this complimentary for all guests so don't forget to let them know you're celebrating a special occasion.

This is what I woke up to the next morning (my own Keurig): (Ojai Hospitality #11) 

A Keurig in every room at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!


Fishing in Ojai

The guys had an early fishing trip in Lake Casitas which was five minutes away with Ojai Angler Company.  This third party came by to pick them up from the hotel lobby.  (Ojai Hospitality #12)
It was a catch-and-throw fishing trip and the guys caught Large Mouth Bass.

Hiking in Ojai

Caitlin and I had plans to go hiking. We didn't know that you need a car to get to the main hiking trail in Ojai Valley, and guess what, a staff member offered to drop us off at the end of the trail which was easier for us to walk back - Talk about service! (Ojai Hospitality #13). It took about an hour and a half and was an easy hike. (Note: this will be longer if you took your own car and depends on what side of the trail you start). As we're driving up that way, we see Sunkist Tangerine Farms. The hiking trail had breath-taking views of the Ojai Valley. (To read more about our scenic hike in Ojai, please click HERE.) I'm not that athletic and was able to do it.

Caitlin and I on an Ojai Hiking Trail (c) Let's Play OC!
Orange Groves in Ojai Valley as seen from Hiking Trail (c) Let's Play OC!

Family Time at the Pool

Remember when the staff dropped us off? I asked her to reserve us a cabana by the pool as they are first come first serve and she remembered! (Ojai Hospitality #14). 

Family Pool at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (c) Let's Play OC!
We love the privacy of the Cabana's. They're available for $150 and comes with cold beverages and table service.


Birthday Dinner  

Our birthday dinner was reserved for a party of 14 at Oak Grill. It was a little bit more of a casual setting. (Formal dining is also available in the Maravilla). We enjoyed views of the golf courses before the sun went down. Here are some dishes we ordered:

Top Left to Right: Oysters, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Tortilla Soup. Bottom Left to Right: Kabacha Squash Salad, Sable Fish, and Cider Braised Pork Shank.

I ordered an almond birthday cake with white chocolate filling and whipped frosting.  Since we had multiple birthdays I asked them to arrange it somehow so that each birthday person could blow out their own candle. I was expecting them to put a candle on individual slices after they cut it up or another birthday cupcake, but look what came out instead: individual desserts special to them that included Pixie Tangerines. (Ojai Hospitality #15)

Did I mention that we had a fireplace? Room service delivered this later in the evening so that we can relax. How romantic: champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! They even brought a treat for the kids. (Ojai Hospitality #16)

Easter Sunday

The following day was Easter Sunday and as we were checking out, I see staff hiding Easter eggs for their scheduled family activities. (Ojai Hospitality #17). Bell Service came to load up our luggage again and took us to our cars. (Ojai Hospitality #18).

Easter-filled baskets were available for purchase at the Concierge.

We counted about #18 for "Ojai Hospitality" but there are many more amenities such as:
  • Camp Ojai (for kids 5-12)
  • Dive-in Movie
  • Stargazing
  • Turn Down Service
  • Handicap-accessible pools
  • Adult Pools
  • Baby Pool 
  • Herb Garden 
  • More

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
905 Country Club Road 
Ojai, CA
(855) 697-8780

Good bye, Ojai Valley! Thanks for the great services and Ojai Hospitality. We miss you guys already!

Ojai Valley Inn & Resort (c) Let's Play OC!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for sharing this story. We received a complimentary room upgrade, complimentary usage of their cabana, and some complimentary room services for sharing our story with our readers. All opinions are my own. Experiences may vary. All images are property of Let's Play OC! 


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend, especially for special occasions!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so envious! Ojai is gorgeous!!

  3. What a wonderful vacation! Great hospitality is the key to an amazing stay! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you Mary for the glowing review of our resort! We are so happy you experienced so many great things, and love that you did a count of #Ojai Hospitality. The pictures and captions are wonderful - you really experienced the scenic relaxation of Ojai! Cheers.

  5. I would love to go for getaway here in fact may I be so blunt as to say I deserve it! LOL!


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