4 Tickets to Pretend City!

TRADER JOE'S is only one of several exhibits at Pretend City. There is also a Postal Office, a Police Station, a Fire Station, Library, Art Studio, Construction Zone, Amphitheater, Bank, Beach, Marina with water play, Farm, Cafe, Dentist Office, Doctor's Office, a Home, and Gas Station. Every month, they have several themed events so check out their monthly calendar for the latest updates. 

Dream Big IMAX Film Promotional Items.jpg

DREAM BIG 3D Prize Pack!

4-pack of tickets for the new DREAM BIG 3D IMAX film at the California Science Center, and Movie Promotional Items: a slinky, t-shirt, poster and sticker.

Enter for a chance to win a Free Whole Pie from Marie Callender's!

Their annual Whole Pie-To Go Sale is going on now through February 28, 2017. Guests can choose from more than 30 varieties of MARIE CALLENDER'S pies for only $8.49 (plus tin)! Here's a chance to win a free pie!

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$100 HopSkipDrive Gift Card!

Learn more about HopSkipDrive - Safe and Dependable Ride Service and enter for a chance to win a $100 HopSkipDrive Gift Card! The company was created by three working moms who understand the challenges families face every day. Among the three co-founders, they have eight kids who go to five different schools and participate in 17 extracurricular activities