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March 7, 2013

REVIEW: Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament with Kids (Buena Park Castle)

 Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament with Kids

We were invited to check out Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Show in Buena Park for their one year anniversary of their new show and menu. We've heard great things but didn't know what to expect. As we walked through the Court of Flags and they crowned us, we instantly felt we were in for a great adventure!

A great photo opportunity followed. This varies with either The King, Knight or Princess. Here's ours with Princess Catalina. (The printed keepsakes are distributed later in the show.)


Don't ask me how they do it, but they were able to move large crowds to their seats easily by just calling out the color of their crowns. Upon taking our seats, we were greeted by our Host who explains which Knight we are cheering for and encourage us to "BOO" the others. (Each row have their own Host who is also our server.) It was exciting to cheer for our team with all the loud cheering!

Let the games begin!

You know it's all about winning the Princess's heart. Go back in time when Knights compete in games and battle it out to win the King's honor and impress the Fairest Lady of them all as the timeless story unfolds. Feel like you're a part of the show while cheering, booing, and getting competitive as your Knight makes you proud. The crowd watched on the edge of our seats. Who will win? You'll see jousting, sword fighting, competitions, a great horse performance, and more!
Photo Courtesy of Medieval Times.

I took short 5 seconds video clips throughout the night via the Vine app. Just click on the links if you want to see them.

"Here you go, Me Lady" =)

The Menu
All the items are meant to be eaten with your hands just like the old "Medieval Times."
Dragon's Blood with Garlic Toast
(Tastes like Tomato Soup)

Baby Dragon
(Tastes like chicken)

Ribs & Potato Wedges
(The Rib was actually really good but they only gave us one)

Warm Apple Turn-overs

Tips for Families with Small Children:
  • If your child has sensory needs, you might want to bring noise canceling headphones and request to sit on the end of the aisles for a quick getaway. Fortunately, we didn't have to do it.
  • If your child always need extra time to adjust to new environments, be sure to come early to find parking and ease your way inside.
  • There is a gated courtyard between the two buildings if you need an open space to let them run around before or during the show. 
  • If your child is sensitive to noise, bring noise canceling headphones. 
  • The food is meant to be eaten with your hands. If you child doesn't like to get their hands dirty, they will give you wipes or bring your own plastic utensils.
  • Think it might be too much food? Ask for a To-Go Box.

Gated Courtyard at Medieval Times Buena Park Castle

Thanks, Medieval Times, for a great show! It was really fun for us to watch and now we have another fun family experience we can share.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament 
Buena Park Castle
7662 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA
(866) 543-9637

Please check their website for show times, promos, upgrades, and special offers!


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